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For the purposes of these FAQ, iCi App means iCi Talent, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and all partners, subsidiaries, successors, assignees, and 3rd party vendors of iCi App.

What cities is iCi App active?

iCi App is available in the United States. Download iCi App to see what bookings are available in your area.

How does iCi App work?

For Talent iCi App makes it possible to build a network for themselves, control their schedule and book themselves on desired jobs! Clients turn to iCi App for a great experience that provides them with the booking services they need.

Who do you allow on iCi App?

You must be 18 and older to access our app! iCi App is for creatives such as hair stylist, stylist, make-up artists, models, photographers, magazines, casting directors, event staff, and other fashion oriented freelancers and clients.

How do I create a portfolio? 

You have the option to create your portfolio when you first sign up, or after log in by choosing “Edit Profile Details.” You can add/delete Photo and Change/Add your Profile Information.

I found a bug in the app.

We are always working to improve our app but sometimes a bug slips through the cracks. If you notice something that seems out of the ordinary, please email us at help@iciapp.com to get in touch with our client experience team! Please make sure you include as many details as possible, including instructions on how to replicate the issue and the type of phone you are using.


What is iCi App?

iCi App is a two-sided market place mobile app that connects talent and clients in seconds. You are able to book and get booked on the spot! No more waiting around for paychecks, no more waiting in line for castings. Be your own boss with iCi App! Please be sure to read iCi App Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before creating a profile on iCi App Platform.

As a model can I sign up to iCi App if I am with an agency?

Absolutely! iCi App is not an agency. iCi App is a platform for independent contractors to connect with clients. However, even though iCi App is not an agency, all models and talent are advised to be familiar with any contracts or agreements they are under. iCi App is not a party to these contracts and in no circumstances, will be held liable for any contractual breaches model or talent may be in.

What does it mean to be an independent contractor?

All of the talent using the iCi App are independent contractors, not employees. iCi App is a platform that allows clients to find freelance talent, and talent to access the iCi App network in order to make their own schedule and book jobs. For more details, take a look at the Terms and Conditions to which all talent must agree to before creating an account on iCi App.

What percentage does iCi App take?

iCi App receives 10% from the talent on completed jobs to keep our community active and ongoing!

Who can message me?

Once you are booked for a job, you and the client can chat for additional questions. This functionality can only be active once you are confirmed for the booking until the end of the booking time.

Can I transfer cities?

Absolutely! If life’s journey is taking you to a new city, and iCi App operates there, we would be happy to have you apply for jobs in your new location. Just log into the iCi App, and search jobs in your new area.

Can I pause my account?

There is no way to officially pause your account, but you can simply stop applying for bookings.

Update my account info.

It is important that you keep your account up to date, it could interrupt payment if the account is not updated. To edit your information, please log in to the app and click Profile, and select “Edit Profile Details”.

Update my payment info.

Keep your payment information up to date, so that you do not risk interrupting your payments! To update or edit your payment information, visit iCi App, click on Profile, and select “Payment Method”.

Is there insurance policy?

iCi App does not cover injuries or health issues sustained on the job. Also, as an independent contractor, you are not eligible for worker`s compensation, vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits or employee benefits of any kind. Because your health and safety should be your highest priority, we highly recommend you secure insurance for yourself.

Returning from inactivity.

Did you take a break from applying to bookings on the iCi App? As long as you were not deactivated for cause, you are welcome to come back at any time - even in a new city!

I want to leave iCi App world.

We are always sad to see talent part ways with iCi App, but we wish you the best in the future! Since you are leaving on your own terms, you don't need to do anything in particular. If you wish to remove your account completely, please email deactivate@iciapp.com

I was deactivated from iCi App.

There are variety of reasons why you might have been deactivated. We might remove talent from the app for not meeting their commitments, drastic appearance changes that are not reflected in the profile, being significantly late to confirmed booking, client`s complaints about their behavior. iCi App brings value to talent by creating and maintaining a platform that consistently attracts clients for their booking. To ensure that the iCi App remains valuable for talent, it is important that clients using our platform are able to expect consistent, excellent service. If you feel there is a mistake, please email us at support@iciapp.com.

What is next for iCi App?

At iCi App, we strive to make a stronger community filled with awesome bookings, app perks, and opportunities that will be spread all over Union States!


How do I get booked for a job?

Download our app on iTunes. Sign Up. Once you are in the app, click on “Find Jobs”. Read the details of the available booking. If it fits your schedule and you would like to apply, just press “APPLY” at the bottom of the job details. Once you apply for the job, the client receives your application and has the choice to “Decline” or "Accept. Once the client confirms, you will get a notification of your confirmed booking.

When do I start accepting jobs?

You can log in to the iCi App and apply for the available bookings right away. However, make sure your Payment Method is completely filled out before you apply for the job.

When do I get paid for a job?

Congrats on the booking! We send the payment out after the job is complete. However, it can take up to 7 days to appear in your bank account.

How much do I get paid?

So, you booked your first job? Awesome! Payment rates vary depending on the event or opportunity and provided at the discretion of the client. Please note that the availability of high compensation events depends on the amount of high paying events in the area. Once you are booked, iCi App charges 10% service fee that is taken out of the confirmed job rate that you applied for.

I received a ping, now what?

Congratulations! Log in to the iCi App, click on the tab “Find Jobs”. The job with "PING" will appear on top of screen. You can decline the invitation (which will remove the job from top of screen) or apply to it.


I applied for a job, now what?

You will be notified once a client books you. If you get approved, feel free to message the client on the iCi App for any additional booking details, or just say hello! Be ready to come to the booking on time!

What to Expect on Your First Booking?

Your very first job!

We get it: you might have some first-day jitters. Let’s see if we can get rid of those butterflies and help you learn what to expect before, during, and after your first job.

• Communication counts! You will see the booking address when you apply for the job. It is always a good idea to get in touch with the client, even if you are just saying hello! It is also a chance to ask any questions, in case their Job Details were unclear. Finally, try to leave early to make sure you are not late!

• Be prepared. Clients expect you to come ready. Feel free to reach out to find out if they want you to bring anything!

• First impressions matter. We recommend asking the client for direction, and double-checking any specific instructions regarding the location.

• Day one is done. Before you leave the booking, you might want to check out with the client. After you complete the booking, your client will get a notification to rate your service. We will take care of payment directly after the booking is complete.

When should I contact my client?

Once you are booked, the message system will be available for your use to contact the client for any additional details. There are plenty of reasons to contact your client ask for directions, give an arrival update, or even just to introduce yourself and say hello!

How do I contact my client?

When you are confirmed for an upcoming booking, the message system in iCi App will be available for your use to contact the client. To contact the client, visit the "Messages" tab, and select the client. Please remember to use proper etiquette, and remember, you are unable to reschedule a job on the client’s behalf. You can filter your messages by the job name. Click the “Filter” button on the top right corner on the “Messages Tab” and select the job name that you would like to appear in messages.

How would I know if I am booked?

Once you are confirmed, you will get email confirmation along with the mobile app notification. Make sure to read all of your booking details.

Scheduling jobs.

Ready to book a job? Excellent! Once you are all set with the sign-up process in the iCi App, open it up and tap the “Find Jobs” button at the bottom of the screen. This will show you all of the available jobs in your area. Jobs will include the rate, duration, and location. Select a job and apply for it. Once you are confirmed, you will be notified! Please make sure you will be able to fulfill the job before applying, because it becomes unavailable for other talent who will definitely be able to make it. You can view your confirmed jobs by visiting the “My Jobs” Tab in the app. If you do not see anything in the “Find Jobs" tab, it means there are not any available jobs at that moment. We recommend waiting a little bit and check back again. Something will pop up soon!

How often should I check for jobs?

As often as your heart desires! Jobs are constantly being added to the platform, so the more often you check, the more likely you are to find jobs in your preferred locations at your preferred times. The other talent out there are checking, too, and jobs are quickly booked.

If you do not see anything in the “Find Jobs" tab, it means there are not any available jobs at that moment. We recommend waiting a little bit and check again. Something will pop up soon!


When can I see the job details?

You will be able to check out specific details before you apply for the job, and once confirmed for a job in "My Job" tab. For example, you can view the client’s name, address, date and time and other details. This allows you to plan your booking ahead!

Can I bring someone to my job?

As a general course of conduct, you cannot. The client expects you, and only you, to arrive when they make a booking. Each of iCi App’s clients have different rules and regulations, it is a good idea to message the client before the job for additional questions.

The job time seems wrong.

If the time displayed for a job looks wrong, or for some reason does not match the time, double-check the time zone settings on your phone. This could be causing the app to get confused. If you are still unsure, it does not hurt to message your client and ask them to confirm the time of the job.

The job location does not match where I applied.

If you think that a job location should have been labelled with a different geographic area, please contact us at support@iciapp.com

Problem with parking.

If you are having trouble with parking and the client did not include parking information in their job details, feel free to contact them to ask where they recommend you park. This will also help if you are running a few minutes behind because you cannot find parking. In the future, you might consider leaving yourself some extra time by leaving early so you have plenty of cushion to find a spot. Please note that iCi App does not reimburse any parking expenses.

I am running late.

If you are only a few minutes late, we recommend you to contact your client and to update them on your status. If you are more than half an hour late, please contact your client immediately as the client has rights to cancel the booking without reimbursing you or change your rate.

I am lost.

Oh no! You can use the address provided to navigate in any maps app. If you are copying and pasting, only use the street address. Hope that helps!

If you think you will be late, or suspect the address might be incorrect, please update your client by contacting them, as it reduces the chance that they will give you a negative rating.

I need to reschedule.

If you are unable to make it to a job that you have booked, you can remove it without any penalty up to 24 hours in advance. Talent cannot reschedule a job on behalf of the client. You are only able to remove yourself from a job. Furthermore, you should remove yourself as soon as you know you will not be able to make it in order to avoid deactivation from the platform.

What happens if my event is cancelled?

So sorry to hear the booking is cancelled! If the event is cancelled within 24 hours you will receive 50% of the booking fee. However, if it is cancelled during the booking time, you will receive the full amount if the cancelation was not at your fault.

What If I'm Late, Cancel or No-Show?

Canceling and no-showing for a confirmed booking is not recommended and can affect your ability to be cast for future events. It is important that, if you applied for the event, you are able to attend the booking. iCi App is a community for professionals, please make sure if you applied for a job you will be available as you are taking jobs form other fellow talent. Canceling less than twenty-four (24) hours before an event or during the event will result in a no-show. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to take remedial actions, which may include, without limitation, prohibiting you from using the Service in case we will retain your cancellation not reasonable in terms and/or timing. We may change the cancellation and rescheduling policies set forth in this section in our sole discretion.

Trust and safety.

The iCi App platform does not work without trust. We work every day to ensure safety for both the talent and clients. If there is a question of immediate safety, please call the police or dial 911 and please remove yourself from the situation. Once everything is settled, please report any unsafe or uncomfortable situations to our team so we can help prevent bad situations for other professionals in the future.

Controversies between users.

a. Opening a controversy. In the event of complaints, the Talent must inform the iCi App immediately as soon as an issue arise but no later than the end time of the Project and state the grounds for the complaint. To this extent, the Platform provides “Contact Support” button available during your project or by emailing Support Team at support@iciapp.com.

b. Substantiating a controversy. Polaroid Photographs must be taken to provide evidence for the complaint.

c. Friendly resolution of the controversy. If you should be to blame for arriving significantly late, you shall accordingly be obliged to work longer. If, owing to specific circumstances, this should prove to be partially or entirely impossible, and per Client request, you will receive the proportionate part of the project rate.


How is the job paid?

Direct Deposit to your account. Double check you filled out the proper account information in the Payment Method.

When will I receive my payment?

Payment is sent out directly after the booking. However, the transfer process takes about 7 days. For example, you will receive the funds for your March 1st booking on March 8th.

How are the taxes handled?

All talent using the iCi App platform are independent contractors. iCi App does not withhold taxes from payments. You are responsible for paying your own taxes. iCi App encourages Talent to seek professional tax or legal advice in such matters. At the end of the year, every talent in the U.S. who earned six hundred ($600) or more per calendar year using the iCi App platform will be sent the appropriate tax forms. Please visit your Profile tab to make sure the address on file is accurate.

Maintaining a good rating.

How ratings work. After each job, iCi App sends a notification to the client to give you a rating on a scale from one to five stars. The strongest indicator of your success on the iCi App platform is the percent of clients who give a five-star rating after each job.

What to do before your first job.

It is always wise to be prepared before your first job, so that you can start receiving five-star service right out of the gate. When we asked a few iCi App professionals using the iCi App what they do before each job, they noted five keys:

• Read the job details

• Double check on what to bring

• Arrive earlier to check in

• Be enthusiastic during the assignment

• Say Thank you to the client before check out

I need a Proof of earnings.

We are sorry to inform you, we currently do not offer this feature. However, you can take screen shots of your bookings for your records!

I need Proof of contractor status.

Remember, all of the professionals using iCi App are independent contractors, not employees. You can simply take screen shots of your bookings, and keep this for your records!

I am missing a payment for a specific job.

Have you checked out the payment details in your iCi App? There, you will be able to see a complete breakdown of payments and fees and which job they are associated with. Payments typically include all of your earnings from the previous booking. So please be patient if you are looking for payment for a recently-completed job. If you are missing a payment for a completed job, it is possible that it will not be paid until the next payment is issued. If at that point your payment is still missing, please contact the iCi App team at support@iciapp.com.

Will I be paid if a client does not show up?

Sometimes a client who booked you is not at the actual job. Go ahead and message them in our iCi App system to check in on your arrival. If you are at the booking and no one shows up in over sixty (60) minutes, reach out to support at support@iciapp.com.

Will I be paid if a client cancels?

Once in a while, clients will fail to show up to their own booking, or cancel with short notice. If you arrive at your job on time, and are unable to contact client by messaging them, please stick around for an hour. It is possible that the client is simply running late. If they still have not arrived, please report it to the iCi App team. If the client cancels within two hours of the scheduled start time, you will be notified via the iCi App, and you will be paid in full for the job. If a client cancels within twenty-four (24) hours of the scheduled start time, you will be paid fifty percent (50%) of the scheduled rate for the inconvenience.

Why did I stop receiving payments?

Have you completed booked jobs and been active on the platform for a couple of weeks without receiving any payments? There are a few potential causes, including fees or (and we hope this is not the case) your failure to arrive at a job.

If you are successfully completing jobs, you should check on your payment details. In order to send your payments, we need you to set up direct deposit! You easily set everything up in the iCi App. We recommend having your bank account information nearby to make everything easier, and then opening up Payments Method and edit requested information.

View Payment details and receipt.

You can view the payment details by logging in the iCi App. Click on your "Profile" Tab in iCi App and press "Job History".

Update payment information.

Need to update your payment information? Just go to your PROFILE, click on Payment Method.


While our own staff is continually working to develop and evaluate our own product ideas and features, we pride ourselves on paying close attention to the interests, feedback, comments, and suggestions we receive from the user community. If you choose to contribute by sending iCi App or our employees any ideas for products, services, features, modifications, enhancements, content, refinements, technologies, content offerings (such as audio, visual, games, or other types of content), promotions, strategies, or product/feature names, or any related documentation, artwork, computer code, diagrams, or other materials (“Feedback”), then email us to feedback@iciapp.com.